Relocation Imminent!

So, after about 3 years of saying "Two years, two years" to the big question about the move to Tassie the answer is now. "Oh, about 6 weeks"

I’m terribly excited about the fact that this new house is “ours” and that it’ll finally feel like a place I can put, our stamp on :P But we’ve decided that DonkJnr needs to be involved too so he can pick the paint for his room.

Conversation in the car the other day
“Hey DonkJnr, what’s your favourite colour?”
*tiny pause* “Pink”
[I nearly run the car off the road at this point] “Daddy and I have decided that you can pick the paint colour for the walls in your new room. What colour do you want to paint the walls?”
Oh. Thank. God.

Now I know there was this post but I’m still trying to bring a little pink into my life without feeling ill about it. Also, I haven’t painted the kitchen or the laundry or become a ZUMBA addict.

The curtains in the room that DonkJnr chose to be his bedroom are pink. Apparently he’s happy enough with that much pink in his room.

And so am I.


20 October 2011 - 8:28 pm

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