Relocation Imminent!

So, after about 3 years of saying "Two years, two years" to the big question about the move to Tassie the answer is now. "Oh, about 6 weeks"

I�m terribly excited about the fact that this new house is �ours� and that it�ll finally feel like a place I can put, our stamp on :P But we�ve decided that DonkJnr needs to be involved too so he can pick the paint for his room.

Conversation in the car the other day
�Hey DonkJnr, what�s your favourite colour?�
*tiny pause* �Pink�
[I nearly run the car off the road at this point] �Daddy and I have decided that you can pick the paint colour for the walls in your new room. What colour do you want to paint the walls?�
Oh. Thank. God.

Now I know there was this post but I�m still trying to bring a little pink into my life without feeling ill about it. Also, I haven�t painted the kitchen or the laundry or become a ZUMBA addict.

The curtains in the room that DonkJnr chose to be his bedroom are pink. Apparently he�s happy enough with that much pink in his room.

And so am I.


20 October 2011 - 8:28 pm

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