Donít Dumb It Down

There is a lot of things Iíd love to do posts about when it comes to DonkJnr (upgraded from BabyDonk Ė heís not a baby anymore) but I feel like putting it on Facebook would offend some people or it would just come across as blatant boasting or something. I like to think Iím a fairly humble person and giant displays of ďLook how good I am, Iím freaking awesome!Ē make me sick.

The truth is, Iím very proud of DonkJnr and the little person heís becoming. His language and comprehension is very good and it seems that a lot of kids at his daycare or at the local park arenít at the same level. I then feel like I have to justify how smart he is in relation to their kid that is older and isnít saying/understanding the same things. I understand the needs of parents when it comes to your child. You want them to fit in, you want them to be up with their peers and you donít want them to be the kid in the class that is perceived to be stupid.

But sometimes I just want to reply with ďOh my god, your child canít say/do that? Clearly they must be mentally deficient and yes itís all your faultĒ with a huge dose of sarcasm. It really sucks to be a parent sometimes, you feel like your whole day is taken up with worrying!

Some parents also have the ďgood lord, my child is a genius!Ē trait and begin to think that maybe their child is really a genius and they need to be in accelerated learning. A lot of people have told me DonkJnr is very smart and that he could be gifted but I donít want to be one of THOSE parents. Maybe heís excelled at some things but heís behind in other things. I donít know because heís my first. I have nothing to compare him to and I loathe to read books about what they should and shouldnít be doing because itíll either worry me (oh joy, more of that!) or Iíll start thinking heís Einstein.

A father came to pick up his child from daycare yesterday and said child was sitting next to DonkJnr who was having a conversation with the carers. He asked if DonkJnr was supposed to be in this room (2-3 year olds) and how old he was. He looked shocked when they told him he was 2 as he thought he was a lot older. He then told his son to spend more time with DonkJnr and learn from him because he might be PM one day hehe.

Does this mean heís a genius or a clever mimic? I have no idea but I know that my favourite part of his talking is when he comes to sit on my lap, holds my face in his hands and says ďI love my Mummy very muchĒ.

HmmÖyeah, heís a genius :-P


29 September 2011 - 10:08 am

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