What baby?

“Take owt”
“Front dowr”
“Big bin”

This one-sided conversation from BabyDonk the other day signaled the end, to me, that he’s not a baby anymore. In grown up terms he was telling me that he’d like to take out the recycling and I was to come to the front door with him so I could put it in the big bin.

This time last year he’d been commando crawling around for a few weeks and on Christmas Day got up on his hands and knees and crawled “proper”.

This year I’m afraid he’s going to want to drive the car to the in-laws place and fill up at the service stations!

It’s taken me a while to figure out what is it that makes me want to talk about him 24/7 and let everyone know the last thing he’s said or done. When they are born, they are blobs.

Yes, blobs.

Angelina Jolie got in trouble for saying that when her first biological child was born but it is true. The outside is new to them, lights are new to them, faces, hands, blankets, clothes, nappies. Everything is new and it’s shocking.

Seeing them evolve from lying there doing bugger all except blow spit bubbles (which was recorded the first time it happened and gushed about for weeks) to walking around, talking (about penises to my embarrassment in the library), shoveling food into their mouths and drinking out of a grown up glass is exciting. Normal everyday things that you would see from an adult suddenly becomes cute, adorable and AMAZING!

And I’m loving it :-)

A toddler chasing


13 December 2010 - 2:48 pm

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