A New Year Has Come

I generally don't make New Year's resolutions because I never bother to look at the list and forget I made them. But it's a new year, so maybe it'll work this time!

#1 - Stop rejecting things out of hand simply because EVERYONE is saying/reading/talking about it. Case in point I have just finished reading Twilight. CSB I'm going to need to borrow the other three books :P

#2 - I will become a ZUMBA addict. The Sexy bought it for me for Christmas and I won't disappoint him like I did with the Learn German CDs.

#3 - I will stop using the Learn German CD case as a coaster.

#4 - I will consider buying a second article of pink clothing. Yes, second. I thought the shirt I was wearing was purple, but BabyDonk reliably informed me it was pink. Slight regret that I taught him his colours :-P

#5 - France, you can relax. My grudge is over. It's been over 10 years and I'm not even sure I can remember what it was about.

#6 - Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code is not included in #1.

#7 - No #6 doesn't mean that I've broken #1 already. Cause no one talks about it anymore :-)

#8 - De-clutter/de-crapify the house begins now. The constant refrain of "two years" when asked about the Tassie move is no longer. The answer? "THIS year!"

#9 - Paint the kitchen and laundry.

#10 - Buy milk. Also bananas, grapes, bread, carrots, zucchini, topside steak, white vinegar.

#11 - Don't write New Year's resolutions at 1 in the morning, it just turns into a shopping list. Don't forget the cheese slices I missed last time. And some more bug spray. Where do I buy Oil of Cloves?

A resolute


8 January 2011 - 9:04 pm

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