Best Dude - That'd Be Me!

Last night Crayon asked me to be his Best Dude! Kick ass! CCB and him are getting married next year in June and Iím also her Dudette of Honour. Hehe. What a cack! So I think Iím doing the ceremony in a dress and then changing to the tux for the reception. I have to toast the bridesmaids, be a bridesmaid and organise the bucks and hens nights! Crikey.

Hiccup Girlís last day today. Not quite sure what to get her as a parting gift. One and half years! Geez. Thatís a long time being a temp. Weíre having drinks for her tonight and quite a few people canít make it. I said theyíd be there in spirits for her. Hehe spirits. I also said Iíd drink a few drinks for them.

Attention Police: I will most probably be an easy target for drink walking tonight. Please take note.

Tippling over already!


19 October 2001 - 9:31 am

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